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Driving Online - Safe Driving System

This safe driving concept was initiated in 1998 and participation was via the Personal Computer (PC). In the first 5 years the distribution method was by Compact Disc (CD’s) or direct installation to the company sever system. In 2003 this was replaced by the company Intranet system. By 2009, the Internet became the default delivery mechanism to the company and fleet driver and this remains in place to date.

Over that time there where individual sales to some of the most “Safety Focused” companied in Australia and New Zealand. From 2010 – 2021 the fleet safe driving system has been licensed out to some of the major Fleet Insurers in Australia for their fleet client drivers.

This online safe driving program can be purchased by any organisation, large or small.

If you are a Fleet Insurance - Fleet Leasing, - Fleet Management - Fleet Broker organisation, you can enquire about our special licensing arrangement, where you can utilise the above system for your fleet clients.

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Some companies who have purchased the Safe Driving Program system.

Licensing & Distribution

This page displays information on establishing this fleet oriented program as part of your company or councils driver safety initiative. This system will fit in with existing company procedures or can be a stand alone program.

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    Contact: The Driving Edge International Pty Ltd.

    Email: info@drivingedge.com.au

    Email: roger@drivingedge.com.au

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    Specify - Program Requirements - Driver / Participant Numbers.

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    Your company safe driving program can be up and running within the next few days.

    Australian and New Zealand versions 2 - 3 days.

    UK and USA versions 5 - 7 days.

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