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Driving Online Safe Driving Challenge:

Driving is a complex activity that requires multi-level skilled behaviour. Improve your awareness, attitude and driving behaviours by taking the Driving Online Safe Driving Challenge. Suitable for all drivers from the novice / young driver to experienced and professional drivers who wish to drive safely for their families, employees, community and themselves.

About the program:

The safe driving challenge contains information and interactive scenarios on such topics as: Reaction Time Distances - Vehicle Braking Distances - Awareness Driving Systems - In Vehicle Distractions.

15 Question / Scenarios - Additional Topics Include:

  • Vehicle Collision Management
  • Alcohol and Road Accidents
  • Prescription Drugs and Driving
  • Vehicle Separation Gaps
  • Proactive Driving Techniques
  • Reactive Driving Techniques
  • Mobile Phones and Driving
  • Program Philosophy Concept
  • Interactive Safe Driving Guide
  • Behavioural Driven

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How it Works

From this page you can view additional information about the Safe Driving Program. You can also activate the 'Test Drive' demonstration which includes welcome page, main menu, program information, demonstration question and safe driving guide.

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    Click on the Driving Program - Information and Screenshots portal to view additional information.

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    Click on the TEST DRIVE portal to view a demonstration Safe Driving Program. By default, this will the Australian version.

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    Contact The Driving Edge International Pty Ltd for more information. Your personalised, company branded program can be ready to go within 48 hours.

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