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This safe driving concept is a training program developed for company and fleet post licence drivers. It has been designed as a stand alone program or can be used in conjunction with existing driver training.

This training package is easy to set up, with the online program informative, visual and participant interactive. This can revise and extend the knowledge and understanding for the low risk company driver.

Fleet Driving Program - Sample Cost Structure

Company - XYZ Courier Pty Ltd (100 Drivers)
New Client Establishment and System Setup Fee$1250
Example: 100 drivers @ $40.00 per Licence Fee$4000
Total Cost Fleet Driving Program - 1st Year$5250
Total Cost Fleet Driving Program - 2nd Year (service fee)$1250

2nd Year Service Fee (optional) - Includes - All participant licences, database access and program updates. Check with
your Fleet Insurance company as some may assist in the cost
of establishing this safe driving initiative for your company.

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Some companies who have purchased the Safe Driving Program system.

Fleet Demonstration

From this page you can view additional information about the Safe Driving Program. You can also activate the 'Test Drive' demonstration which includes welcome page, main menu, program information, demonstration question and safe driving guide.

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    The "How To Implement" panel displays information for participants and program administrators to utilise this "Online Safe Driving System".

    Click on the How To Implement - Information and Screenshots portal to view this information.

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    Click on the TEST DRIVE portal to view a demonstration Safe Driving Program. By default, this will be the Australian version.

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    Contact The Driving Edge International Pty Ltd for more information. Email: info@drivingedge.com.au

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